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I just love dirty girls like Kaley Kennedy

There’s just something bout a dirty looking girl that I can’t get over. Kaley Kennedy is definately one of those dirty looking girls.. and this girl is a FREAK.. her site has some AMAZING stuff including a whole new use for a candy cane! I hope she comes to visit SpunkyLand really soon. But until then, here’s a lil sample of that perfectly round ass of hers!

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I Got Sweet Krissy To Clean My House

Well not really but close enough! Nothing better then having your own maid and nothing better when they get naked in the process. I don’t even know if Krissy got any cleaning done or not. And yes that’s some Star Wars Lego in the background. Here’s some samples of Krissy’s skills with the duster.

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Melanie Kitten from Spunky Angels!

One night we decided to hit a local nightclub.. Regular night, nothing special, except that I noticed there were girls dancing in what appeared to be their underwear! So from the vip room I had the owner bring them in for a drink, figured hey why not. One of the girls was Melanie, we talked, I asked her if she ever modeled, she said a lil bit, so I told her bout what I do and she was pretty interested! Next morning I sobered up, asked a bunch of the people I was with if she was cute or if I had been too drunk. She came in for her first shoot a lil shy but soon that was over! Just wait till you see what she’ll be doing soon! For now here are some pictures from her first shoot!

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My Biggest Mistake…. Natalie Sparks

Ever make a huge mistake and kick yourself forever because of it? Well Natalie Sparks is my HUGE mistake.. About a year ago she msg’d me looking for a website of her own, her pictures weren’t the best so I decided to not do a site with her. But.. Kate from Kate’s Playground was looking for a model to do her first paysite with, so I passed Natalie’s information to Kate and BAM! Natalie Sparks dot com is created. So when Kate had Natalie in town for shooting she told me that I would kick myself for passing on Natalie. And yup! I kick myself daily for that one. So here’s some pictures of my biggest mistake! Enjoy my pain

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